Easter LEGO fun

It’s been a busy couple of days over Easter, but that didn’t mean the LEGO wasn’t out! 🙂

Quick, let's get all the flowers!
Ohh, are these chocolate?
Come on!
Quick, get them!
Hey, where'd all my flowers go?
Oh no! The Easter bunny is sad now!
Watch out Easter bunny!
Uh oh. Easter bunny you should have hopped away!

Really, those Stormtroopers are crazy about their chocolate!

In other Easter weekend LEGO activities, I accidentally set up a zombie scene on an ants nest(!!!). Poor Emmet!

Ant's nest Zombie set
Poor Emmet!

And Chicken man gave birth to a dragon! Yikes!

It's a... dragon?
It’s a… dragon?

There was also some disappointing Kinder toys, so the LEGO folk stepped into make it all better!

It's a Lizzi surprise!
It’s a Lizzi surprise!

Did you get your LEGO out over the long weekend? What did you build?

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