Review: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Gathering (set 79003)

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

The set: An unexpected gathering (79003)

The price: RRP at £59.99. I got mine for £32.49 in the Toys R Us sale.

Bricks in the box: 652 at RRP is a cost of 0.09p per brick. At half price that drops to 0.05p

Time to build: About 2-3 hours give or take some. I built it in stages over a couple of days.

Age: The box says 9-14, but if you love all things Middle Earth, you will love this at any age above that!

What’s in the box:

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

In the box are four bags of parts, a sticker sheet, 3 base plates and 2 instruction manuals.

(Not sure why two, as I am sure one would have been enough!)

The build experience: Building this set was great fun. The bag separation made it nice and easy to build in distinct stages.

Bag one of bag end:

Bag one is the base of the model and the Bilbo minifigure. There’s not a lot of detail here, more just setting it up for later.

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Stormy and stormy just want to help.
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Where does this go again?
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Argh! Hobbit!
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
“You two help finish this building! Now!” – Bilbo gets cross!
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Bag end part one complete!

Bag two of bag end:

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

Bag two held me up some as there was an issue with the window – it just would not fit properly.

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

As you can see in the picture, the window isn’t a perfect fit and will rattle around.

I think this was an issue with some of these sets where the wrong size arch was included.

It’s a shame as it is such a nice piece of LEGO design.

Once in place and the model has been built around it, it doesn’t move as much, but it doesn’t look as perfect as it does on the box.

At the end of bag two, you have a pretty good portion of the house built.

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

Now it just needs some decorating!

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Empty homes

Bag three of bag end: 

Bag three is all about decoration!

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Bag three!
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Stormy, give Gandalf back his hat!

Stickers – urgh. So hard to line up right.

The book is slightly off centre, but there you go! Not sure why this couldn’t have been printed on to the book.

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
It’s all in the details!
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

Bag four of bag end:

This bag has a lot of greenery as it’s for the roof top.

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)

Be warned that you should NOT pick this model up by the roof.

I did, and it led to quite a few parts going everywhere!

The whole set is pretty fragile, so be warned if it’s out for play and not display!

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)
Roof on!

The finished model:

This set is beautiful and is full of details for any fan of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings.

The windows, the rune on the door, the details on the inside, are all perfect.

My only real complaint is that the inside of the door looks unfinished and it might have been better to have it a little bigger on the inside for all the figures to fit nicely!

An Unexpected Gathering (Set 79003)


You get six minifigures in this box which is about all will fit on the set.
I would have loved it if it has included all 12 dwarves though!






Guess that dwarf!


Guess that dwarf!

Very nice head tattoo markings.

Cool head tattoo


Guess that dwarf!


Bombar gets the fat belly treatment through his beard piece. It’s a nice addition.


Fat dwarf

Overall: This set is amazing (can I say that anymore?)

Especially if you can get one half price. I would happily recommend this set, and even buy two so I could expand Hobbiton!

4/5 (looses points for the issue with the window and the back of the door)

3 thoughts on “Review: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Gathering (set 79003)

  1. Great review! I’m a bit LOTR/Hobbit fan and an even bigger Lego fan. I built this set a couple of months ago and it is my favourite build so far. I love the details and decorations included and had such fun putting it all together 🙂 Love your photos of this set!

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