Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)- review

Mia's lemonade stand

The set: Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)

The price: £9.99 (8.9p per piece)

Number of pieces: 112

Age appropriateness: 5-12 years

Build time: 30 minutes or so

What you get:

The sets great for the price, and has some brilliant parts in it.

Let’s talk bike!

I like to ride my moped!

This was the reason I actually wanted this set. Nothing says awesome than a stormtrooper riding a baby blue vespa. Unfortunately, the scooter is designed for mini-dolls rather than minifigures. I think it would work with a different set of handlebars so I’ll have to source some. The back box doesn’t work with a minifigure either but it can easily be removed. Sadly Mia won’t sit on the back either. The bike also has an adorable little biker helmet.

New wheels (23x100LEGO)

Let’s talk shop!


The stand itself is oddly similar to the karate set I have, in that it opens on the hinge, but with this set, it works brilliantly. The sign (no stickers!) clips on quite sturdily, and is a really cute design in itself.

On the stand, you get a juicer, a bowl of cookies (the other reason I got this set – they’re totally cute!) and a couple of something’s I’m not sure what. You also get some money, a couple of cups, a jug, some flowers, a lot of lemons and limes and a stool that Mia, in her mini-doll bendy waist, doesn’t really fit on. Stormy fits much better.


This set is awesome, barring my issues of the mopeds handlebars. It has some great pieces, and a lot of playability. Well worth the price, and suitable for any LEGO fan (yes, even those not particularly keen on the Friends sets)

Of course, one of the best things about this set for me, is it’s fun photo opportunities!

“Hey, hey, I need £100 worth of cookies and lemonade NOW.”

“Sure Stormy, keep your hat on.”



All the cookies

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