Sandtrooper holiday

What happens when I get given the droid escape pod set and get a tray of semolina!

Off we go. Can’t just sit in an escape pod! We’re the droids they’re looking for!

Crash landing

Pom tiddly pom. It’s slow work being a droid in sand…


Ohh, what’s this?


Look Sir, droid parts!

Hey, I found droid parts

Ah. Always get the juniors to do the work.


Time to sit back and relax on holiday?

Job (not quite) done

Tropical paradise? A little relaxation by the seaside now the hard works done!

Sea turtle

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! (Watch out for sneaky droids stormy!)

Ignore the droid


Photo op!

Ohh, treasure! We’re like (space) pirates now!


Seagull alert!

Watch that seagull

(Thanks Julie for this set! It was great fun to play with! Definitely a set to have in your collection!)

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