LEGO Mixels have landed

Skating on ice

LEGO’s new Mixels hit the shops today (officially – I got mine yesterday from an early selling shop). They’re already selling fast by the looks of the empty boxes on the shelves, and who can blame people when they’re so darn cute.

I had no idea what a Mixel was, I’ll be honest. So if you don’t know either, take a look at the LEGO site for them for an answer.

The set: Mixels (one of each colour – Vulk, Shuff and Volectro)

The price: £3 per model

I would suggest that this price is very good for these models. It’s only a little more than the minifigures are these days and you get a good small model to build.

The colours each combine to make one larger model, so it’s going to be £9 per big model. I didn’t realise they did this or I would have grabbed a set in the shop whilst they had it. I like the idea that you can buy a set in stages to combine – great for pocket money purchases for kids too.

Age appropriateness: 6+ (I’m so glad they put the plus sign… I didn’t think I was going to be so blown away by these, especially considering I have no idea what the TV cartoon is about.)

The build experience:  Not too difficult, but the instructions seem to be lacking in detail of telling you which brick to add. Sometimes I was left looking very closely at the picture to see what had been added. They don’t take long to put together, but have some great features, such as the ball joints and the eyes which make them totally movable and cute. They are great to pose in a variety of places (like a frozen over bird bath)

With Murp, I got something called a ‘Nixel’, which again, I had to google. I’m not sure why I only got that with one of the models. Seems to be something that should really be with them all (if only to stop in-fighting over it.)

Overall: ‘It’s so fluffy I wanna die’. Seriously. They are adorable.

Mixels on ice 15x100x

Mixels on ice

Mixels on ice

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