Cloud Cuckoo Land set

Who didn’t love cloud cuckoo land in the LEGO movie? Wasn’t it so awesome? Wasn’t Unikitty awesome? Wasn’t everything awesome? (OK, I’ll stop that now!)

Cloud Cuckoo Land

The set: Cloud Cuckoo Land

The price: £17.99

Considering the cuteness of the set and the figures you get, the price is not too bad.

Age appropriateness: 7-14

The build experience:

I’m 26 so I might be a little over the age where it might be a challenge. Which is fine. Although if you do want a challenge with lego, build it whilst you have a stinking sinus cold – it makes everything that little bit harder! Like trying to attach lego to the wrong side of another brick hard!

Cloud Cuckoo Land

It took me about an hour to build the whole thing (I did take photos as I went so i’d say about 45 minutes to build (on a bad day). There are a lot of little fiddly bits however.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land

I had a couple of issues building the snail, in that getting the bar into the middle for his sides took a little bit more force than I would have liked (again, may just have been cold head!)

I also had some issues with the tiny pieces and getting them into place on the floors, but they look great once they are in situ.

Cloud Cuckoo Land


In all it’s the figures that make this set.


He’s so cute! I mean, really cute. Don’t remember him in the movie though.

Cloud Cuckoo Land


Unikitty is completely awesome. My only issue with her is that her head keeps falling off!

Cloud Cuckoo Land


This is a standard construction garb Emmet, with piece of resistance and tracker. He comes double faced with a scaredy face on his reverse.

Cloud Cuckoo Land


Wyldstyle in her normal garb with hood down. She is also double faced with a mean and normal expression.

Cloud Cuckoo Land


The bad guy of the set, single face and comes with handcuffs!

Cloud Cuckoo Land


Cloud Cuckoo Land

Kids (and adults too) will get some play out of this with a flower catapult and some spiny bits attached via cogs (way cool – I definitely need to get some technic). For me, it’s a great place for the Stromtroopers to visit in photographs.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

“Business, business, numbers, business. Is this working?”

Yup, Unikitty, this set works for me. 😉

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